Pepi Erdbories, born in 1991, is a German contemporary artist who began her career as an illustrator, successfully collaborating on projects with renowned luxury brands. Today, Erdbories‘ works represent an interplay of colors and words, a dance of abstraction and poetry that stimulates the senses and challenges thoughts — always with the goal of creating space for connections, identification, and exchange.

In 2023, as the first German artist, she crafted a one-of-one bag for FENDI, earning a permanent place in the fashion house’s archive. Following this milestone, she achieved success with a solo exhibition at Guy Hepner in New York, followed by additional exhibitions in Munich, Paris and Hamburg. Her artworks grace private collections worldwide.

Pepi Erdbories‘ creations extend beyond the canvas, inviting viewers into a realm where emotions, dreams, and reality converge, fostering a profound resonance.

„In my works, a diverse range of moods and themes are explored. From romance to melancholy to humor, they reflect the spectrum of human emotions and the polarity in which we live. The magic unfolds in collaboration with the viewer, who brings their own story, dreams, and experiences. A space emerges where various energies converge, connect, and engage in exchange. Each painting invites identification, allowing the observer to rediscover themselves in a unique combination of emotions, dreams, and reality – where everything exists at the same time.“


New York / März 2023 – Einzelausstellung, Guy Hepner Gallery

München / Dezember 2022 – BAODT Pop up Gallery

Hamburg / November 2022 – BAODT Pop up Gallery

München / Oktober 2022 – BAODT Pop up Gallery

Frankfurt am Main / Juni 22 – BAODT Pop up Gallery

Palma de Mallorca / Mai 2022 – Gruppenausstellung, Gallery Red

Kitzbühel / Dezember 2021 – BAODT Pop up Gallery

München / Oktober 2021 – BAODT Pop up Gallery

München / Juli 2021 – BAODT Pop up Gallery

Barcelona / September 2020 – „Contigo“, in Zusammenarbeit mit Alma Lledo, Cotton House Hotel Barcelona.

Münster / September 2020 – Gruppenausstellung, Galerie Simon Nolte.

Düsseldorf / Dezember 2019 – Einzelausstellung mit Bang & Olufsen, Stilwerk.

Münster / März 2018 – Einzelausstellung, Fyal.

London / August 2015  – Gruppenausstellung, Lollipop Gallery.

Pepi Erdbories in ihrem Studio.

Emilia Schüle und Pepi ErdboriesEmilia Schüle und Pepi Erdbories

Pepi Erdbories mit Schauspielerin Emilia Schüle für L’Occitane. Foto: Jens Koch.

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